Engineering Programmes

The Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) has awarded provisional accreditation for our three undergraduate engineering programmes.

Our programmes were evaluated by accreditation panels consisting of senior academics from the United States (US) and United Kingdom (UK) as well as local industry leaders.

The panels were very impressed with our novel and multidisciplinary programme. We were commended for our strong emphasis in design and research.  Design and research is the cornerstone of our education pathway and promote a spirit of risk taking and entrepreneurship.

Based on their recommendations, the EAB awarded provisional accreditation for our three engineering programmes, namely Engineering Product Development (EPD), Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) and Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD), till 2016 where we will apply for full accreditation.

Upon obtaining full accreditation, the qualifications will then be recognised by accreditation bodies of Washington Accord member countries such as ABET in US. The accreditation is retrospective and when the programmes move from provisional to full accreditation in 2016, all graduates will be recognised as having the fully accredited qualification.

Engineering Product Development

Engineering Systems and Design

Information Systems Technology and Design

Architecture Programme

Our Master of Architecture degree will also be accredited by the Board of Architects of Singapore. SUTD has established very good working relationships with the accreditation bodies who have indicated their confidence in SUTD's curriculum, teaching & learning strategies, facilities, students, and faculty. 

"The Board of Architects (BOA) Singapore has always been very keen to see a second distinctive architectural degree programme being offered by our publicly funded universities in Singapore. BOA is happy to note that the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), the second autonomous university offering Master Degree in architectural programme, is collaborating with renowned MIT to offer very innovative programme to serve the critical emerging needs of a world in transition and a profession evermore engaged with the evolution of business, technology, and socioeconomic institutions worldwide. BOA is working closely with SUTD to establish a good architectural programme and will officially recognise the programme after the first batch of graduates has successfully gone through the programme." - Registrar, BOA