The Opportunity to Work with the Best

All academic staff will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the industry’s finest talents at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for a year. This is the birthplace of scientific, technical and numerous other contributions that are supplied throughout the world every day. It also highlights a shared vision that MIT and SUTD have: a commitment to simultaneously balance the world of ideas with the world of practice in order to reach a common goal of breaking records and challenging the norm.   This training will expose all academic staff to the bubbling, innovative culture of MIT so that their success can be replicated in our own curriculum to inspire young minds and become the magic that is SUTD.

The Opportunity to Further your Research

We will become your fuel for passion in bringing your ambitious research dreams to reality.  As if being in the center of the world’s fastest growing economy, and Asia’s research and technology hub is not enough, the University has appointed a Board of Trustees comprising of government and industry leaders spanning across a diverse selection of industries.  Their credentials and network will further create new opportunities and help bring your passion and research to life.   Through a collective effort of the best talents, pioneering curriculum and research, SUTD has the necessary resources to achieve academic and real world excellence to bring about a real change.

The Opportunity to Experiment

We promote a culture of entrepreneurship and risk-taking while funding research projects and programs. Our key research areas include designing for sustainable cities, engineering for the developing world and building ICT-enabled devices for better living. Academia and researchers joining us will be part of a diverse team involved in these programs, with many other exciting projects to be undertaken as part of your academic experience and exposure.   This is what education is about. It is more than just honing great minds and pushing the envelope for technological advancements. It is about using what we have discovered to better lives around the world for generations to come. It is about a responsibility to humankind – providing the resources for future leaders to meet tomorrow’s global challenges by pushing the technology edge. It is about using design to motivate, inspire, challenge and create new innovations by exploring new areas and experimenting new ways.  It is about “leaving no stone unturned” in research, while inspiring others to build on new discoveries from current innovations to exponentially further exploration in research.  This is the environment we will create at SUTD, and the opportunity you will have, in bringing your passion in research a step closer to breakthrough.