Master of Science in Urban Science, Policy & Planning

Programme Overview

The Master of Science in Urban Science, Policy and Planning (USPP) is a 12-month, full-time programme aimed at training the next generation of urban researchers, analysts and practitioners to be well-grounded in theory, skilled in data and analytics and adept at policy and planning.

The USPP programme responds to a new paradigm of rapidly expanding, globally connected cities and enables students to develop novel solutions to urban challenges such as sustainable mobility, inclusive urban growth and new modes of governance for the 21st century. 

Students combine advanced social and data science research methods and computational techniques with urban theory, planning and practice to explore current and emerging topics and shape the cities of the future.

The USPP Programme is jointly organised by the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) cluster and the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (LKYCIC) research institute.

Focus Areas

The USPP programme integrates three core focus areas to provide a comprehensive educational experience:

  • Urban Theory
    • Students will be provided with a theoretical foundation that incorporates centuries of critical thinking about cities, and reviews historical and emerging urban planning paradigms.
  • Urban Data and Methods
    • Students will be trained in social science research methods, Geographic Information Science (GIS) and relevant data science techniques such as machine learning, network analysis and interactive data visualisation.
  • Urban Practice and Policy
    • Students will be prepared to critically assess, understand and craft evidence-based policies and programmes that are aligned with the institutional context of urban economics, politics and governance.

Curriculum and Course Structure

Courses are taught by SUTD’s multi-disciplinary and international faculty alongside practitioners and policymakers in Singapore who are uniquely positioned to provide insights into the country’s technological and engineering expertise and experience in urban planning and development.

The programme integrates coursework with hands-on experience and independent research, and builds upon SUTD’s research and industry partnerships with government agencies and private firms.

The USPP programme is structured into three terms:

  • Term One
    Students will complete three integrated courses across the core areas and a course on leadership and planning in Singapore. In addition, the Urban Symposium module brings students outside of the classroom to learn from policy makers and practitioners at key development projects in and around Singapore.

  • Term Two
    Students participate in an advanced course on Urban Data and Methods, two elective modules and a Research Studio, where students execute a research project that utilises their skills in data science and urban analysis.

  • Term Three
    Students will conduct an independent research project in collaboration with a faculty mentor and apply what they have learned from Terms One and Two.

Candidature Period

Full-Time Only: 1 year (3 Terms)

Faculty and Graduate Students’ Research

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