Criteria for Admission

Use this application form if you (regardless of nationality) are applying with a Polytechnic Diploma from a local polytechnic in Singapore or a diploma from BCA Academy. If you are currently in your final semester, you can apply by submitting results from your first five semesters and follow up with the results from your final semester when they are available.

Generally, you will be considered more favourably if you are from the School of Engineering , Information Technology, Architecture or Sciences and are competent in the Math and Science subjects in your secondary, post-secondary or high school  education.

Please submit only one electronic application form as duplicate applications would not be processed.

Please note that SAT, SAT Subject Tests and AP scores are optional. Do visit the US College Board website for details and registration. You should indicate 6532 (SUTD Institution Code) on your SAT registration forms, so that the scores will be sent directly to us by the US College Board.

Males enlisting in National Service between May to October 2018 may be able to matriculate with SUTD in May 2020, as long as you are not ahead of your age cohort, and subject to MINDEF’s approval. Please refer to
for more details.


Online Application Form

We accept only online applications. For an overview of the online application process, click here.

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