Tuition Grant

The Tuition Grant Scheme was introduced by the Government in 1980 to subsidise the cost of tertiary education in Singapore. This Scheme is administered by the Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE).

Students who are Singapore Citizens, including those holding Government scholarships, have to complete the Declaration for Tuition Grant Eligibility form. Students who are found not to be eligible for the Tuition Grant will be charged the non-subsidised tuition fees.

Permanent residents and International students who are eligible and intend to take up the tuition grant must sign a Tuition Grant Agreement, which will require them to work in a Singapore-registered company for three years upon graduation from SUTD. Students who are not eligible, or choose to opt-out of the tuition grant, are required to pay the non-subsidised fees. The latter will not be bound by the 3-year work obligation.

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