All full-time undergraduates, graduates and non-graduates.


1 May 2017 to 30 April 2018

Insurance Coverage Details and Exclusion List

The coverage will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of the insurer’s Policy and students are advised to contact the Office of Student Administration for the actual Terms and Conditions.

After being matriculated, you will be able to use the SUTD Student Card at the Panel GP Clinics  to enjoy the Group Outpatient Scheme. 

NOTE: Listed panel clinics may withdraw from appointed medical insurance scheme at any point in time. Please contact the clinic prior to your visit to check that they are still under the list of panel clinics.

Additional Notes on Coverage

Group Personal Accident Insurance

  • Covers death, permanent disablement and medical treatment of a bodily injury due solely and directly to an accident.
  • A referral letter from a GP (for Specialist Treatment) or a GP/Specialist (for X-ray/Diagnostic Services, Physiotherapy or Chiropractor Treatment) must be obtained and submitted with your claim.

Group Outpatient GP (General Practitioner) Insurance

For Referrals to a Singapore Government/Restructured Hospital for Specialist Treatment and/or Hospitalisation/Surgery:

  • If you are referred by a Panel GP Clinic, you are considered a Private patient;
  • To qualify as a subsidised patient, you must be a Singaporean or Singapore PR, referred by a Polyclinic and without reference to a Specialist by name.
  • Physiotherapy referred by a GP is not covered.

Panel GP Clinics

  • Show your SUTD Student Card and NRIC/FIN ID upon registration at the clinic.
  • No payment is required at the clinic for consultation and standard medication for an insurance covered medical condition.
  • You may have to top-up for non-standard medication (original/branded/patented medication) or pay a surcharge for visit after normal clinic operating hours

Polyclinics and Hospital A&E Department

  • Please pay first and submit the claim for reimbursement for admissible claims.

Group Outpatient Specialist Insurance

  • Covers specialist consultation, prescribed medication, diagnostic services and physiotherapy recommended by a Specialist at a Singapore Government/Restructured Hospital/Outpatient Specialist Clinic.
  • Treatment by Private Specialists/Physiotherapists is not covered.
  • A referral letter from a GP or Singapore Government/Restructured Hospital A&E is required.
  • A new referral is required if the last visit to the Specialist was more than 1 year ago.

Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance

  • Covers hospitalisation and/or surgery in a Singapore Government/Restructured Hospital.
  • Treatment in Private Hospitals is not covered.
  • Territorial Limit – 24 hours worldwide for emergency treatment for accident or acute illness while overseas where immediate medical attention is required (does not cover non-emergency, elective and/or intentionally booked treatment overseas).
  • Medical expenses incurred overseas will be limited to reasonable and customary charges for similar treatment in a B1/B2 ward at Singapore General Hospital.

Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for hospital admission/surgery

  • A LOG is a document issued by the insurer for hospitalisation and/or surgery that is covered under the insurance. With a LOG, the hospital will waive the cash deposit and payment of the hospital bill up to the limits of the insurance and subject to the policy terms and conditions. The hospital will bill the insurer directly.
  • The LOG can only be issued for hospitalisation/surgery in Singapore. For treatment overseas, please pay first and submit a claim for reimbursement.
  • To apply for an LOG, please apply online at www.mycg.com.sg/sutd.
  • Alternatively, please email the following documents to customercare@mycg.com.sg at least 5 working days (whenever possible) before admission:
    1. Completed Release Of Medical Information Form (ROMIF)
    2. Copy of Referral Letter from GP to Specialist, if any
    3. Copy of *Financial Counselling/Admission Form/Estimated Bill/Day Surgery Authorisation Form

* The hospital will give these documents to the patient when the admission date is confirmed/during the financial counselling session. The documents will contain the estimated bill, diagnosis and treatment information - this information is required to process the LOG.

  • The LOG will be faxed to the hospital 1-2 days prior to admission after it is approved by the insurer. A copy will be emailed to the student.
  • Upon discharge from the hospital, please email the Discharge Summary to customercare@mycg.com.sg.
  • Please note that LOG will not be issued for medical treatment that is not covered or if the required medical information cannot be obtained prior to hospital admission.
  • For emergencies, please contact MYCG immediately or settle the bill first and submit the claim later.
Claim Procedure for All Insurance
  • Claim form and required documents (please refer to the document checklist on the claim form) must be submitted within 30 days after each treatment.
  • If more time is required to obtain the documents, please give notice of claim by
    1. Submitting the Claim Notification Form online at www.mycg.com.sg/sutd or 
    2. Sending email to customercare@mycg.com.sg within 30 days after treatment and follow-up with your supporting documents for claims as soon as possible.
  • Approved Expenses shall be reimbursed by AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • Submit the required documents by: 
    • All outpatient medical bills - Email to customercare@mycg.com.sg. Please keep the original bills for up to 1 year as the insurer may request for verification or audit at anytime. We will inform the student if original documents are required.
    • Hospitalisation/Surgery bills - Post to:

MYCG Pte Ltd
1 Coleman Street, #10-09A The Adelphi, Singapore 179803

  • Upon receipt of all relevant documents by the insurer, reimbursement for approved claims will be credited into the student's bank account within 1 to 2 months.
Documents Required for Claim Submission

Personal Accident Claims

  • Completed claim form
  • Original Medical Bills/Final Hospital Bill
  • Copy of Referral Letter/A&E Memo/Discharge Summary
  • Copy of Written Test Reports eg. x-ray, MRI (if any)
  • Police Report (for traffic accidents)

Hospitalisation & Surgical Claims

  • Completed claim form
  • Original Final Hospital Bill (the hospital will usually send the final bill to the patient about 2 to 3 weeks after discharge)
  • Original Pre and Post Hospitalisation/Surgery Bills
  • Discharge Summary/Day Surgery Authorisation Form
  • Copy of Referral Letter / A&E Memo
  • Copy of Test Written Reports eg. x-ray, MRI (if any)

Outpatient GP / Polyclinic / A&E / Specialist / Mental Health Claims

  • Completed claim form
  • Original Medical Bills
  • Copy of Referral Letter/A&E Memo
  • Copy of Written Test Reports eg. x-ray, MRI (if any)
Contact & Queries

For more information, please visit www.mycg.com.sg/sutd.

For enquiries on Insurance Coverage, Claims Status and Procedures, please contact:

MYCG Pte Ltd
Authorised representative of AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd

Mobile: +65 9762 2062 (Loh May Yee)
Office: +65 6635 2160
24hr Hotline: +65 9336 0159 (Medical Emergencies after business hours only)
Fax: +65 6635 2161
Email: customercare@mycg.com.sg
Website: www.mycg.com.sg/sutd

Students on Official Internship
  • Covers accidental injury and occupational disease arising out of and in the course of work during internship/attachment.
  • Student should notify MYCG within 10 days of occurrence
  • Claims should be submitted as soon as possible, but within 30 days. If more time is required, please notify MYCG by email to customercare@mycg.com.sg.
  • Please click here for more information and documents required for claim.