SUTD Freshmore Housing Fees (AY2017/18)  

(correct as of 20 January 2017)

Stay Period Room Type Housing Fees (incl. of GST) Payment Schedule
May-17 Sep-17 Jan-18 May-18
May 17 to Apr 18 Double S$4,155.00 S$1,385.00 S$1,385.00 S$1,385.00  
  • Additional housing fees are payable if the check in date of the student is before the stay period start date.
  • The above housing fees will not be pro-rated if a student chooses to check in after the stay period start date except in situations where he/she was offered housing after the stay period start date.
  • The housing fees per term are calculated using the following: (Housing fees for Stay Period / No of terms), rounded up to the nearest whole figure.
  • The housing fees are payable by term as indicated the above payment schedule. Payment is due one week from the invoice date (except for GIRO payments).
  • Students are liable for the entire housing fees as indicated above unless otherwise informed.
  • S$20 fee would be imposed for late payments.
  • A separate charge is payable for the usage of the room’s air conditioning which is on a “Pay as you use” scheme. The air con charges (domestic electrical tariff + 7% GST + 10% admin charge) are reviewed every 6 months.
  • For billing or payment related queries, please email to

Payment Modes

  • Students are encouraged to pay their housing fees through:


Housing Related Fees and Charges (as of 13 September 2017) 


Fees (incl. of GST) 

Housing Application Fees 

  • S$10.70 per application

  • Not applicable to Freshmores 

Damaged or lost property 

Cost of replacement + S$10.70 admin charge 

Damaged/lost room access card 

Cost of replacement* + S$10.70 admin charge *Waived till further notice 


S$10.70 admin charge 

Retrieval of items being confiscated for being placed at the corridor/common areas, causing obstruction 

S$10.70 admin charge 

Removal of unauthorised items from accommodation or common areas 

Removal cost + S$10.70 admin charge 

Cleaning of accommodation or common areas due to lack of proper care or maintenance 

Minimum cleaning cost of $26.75 to $53.50 or actual cost, whichever is higher

Usage of bar fridge (fridge needs to comply with requirements) in accommodation. 

  • $26.75 per term for fridge up to 50 litres (net capacity)

  • $32.10 per term for fridge up to 100 litres (net capacity) and it is only applicable for students staying in a double room. 

Air con charges 

  • Domestic electrical tariff + 10% admin charge.

  • Reviewed every 6 months. 

Acceptance fee 

  • An acceptance fee of S$200.00 for undergraduate housing and post graduate housing is payable in order to confirm a student’s room reservation.

  • The acceptance fee will be offset against the housing fees.

  • Residents will be invoiced the balance of their housing fees after check in.

  • Not applicable to Freshmores. 

Check-in outside office hours

S$16.05 admin charge

Check-out outside office hours S$16.05 admin charge

Welcome Pack

  • Consisting 2 sets of pillows, bed sheets (single size) and pillow cases.

  • Request is to be made in advance prior to checking in and subject to availability. 


Laundry/Dryer charges 

S$1.00 per cycle 

Withdrawal from or Termination by the University 

  • After check in:
    • To pay for stay till check out date or official last date at SUTD, whichever is later
  • Before check in date:
    • No charges

Housing Fees 

Late fee 

S$20.00 per reminder. 

This list of charges is not exhaustive and may be reviewed and revised from time to time by SUTD. The University also reserves the right to impose other fees/charges as and when deemed necessary. Applicants and residents are advised to keep themselves updated on the latest list of charges by checking this webpage regularly.