Undergraduates (sophomores, juniors and seniors) who are keen on staying at student housing should submit an online application during the housing exercise.

Housing Information

AY17/18 housing application

Application window

27 February 2017, 2pm to 10 March 2017, 2pm (Closed) 
We are unable to take in any more applications.

Acceptance window (for those staying for Vacation and Term)

27 March 2017, 2pm to 3 April 2017, 2pm

Acceptance window (for those staying for Term)

5 June 2017, 2pm to 16 June 2017, 2pm

Submission of the housing application will be via the housing portal (https://hms.sutd.edu.sg/HousingPortal). Login details will be the Student ID and password details (same as campus WIFI login details).

Please read through and be aware of the terms and conditions before submitting an application. We are unable to provide assurance that housing will be offered for all applicants. All applications will be subject to vacancies.

Applications will be processed based on the new allocation scheme as announced in the housing forum held on 8 and 10 February 2017. Please refer to the details and FAQs emailed by the housing allocation committee for more information on the new allocation scheme. If you have enquires on the new allocation scheme not covered in the details, FAQs sent and not regarding the housing application exercise, you may email housingallocation@sutd.edu.sg 

This housing application exercise is not applicable those who are graduating in August 2017. Graduating students (cohort 2014) who are not staying on campus and wanting to stay in term 8 may email ecchousing@sutd.edu.sg from 10 April 2017 onwards. Places are subject to vacancies.

Financial Assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance or wish to learn more about the scholarships, bursaries and loan schemes, please email Student Administration at studentadmin@sutd.edu.sg. 

Have A Question?

For more information, please visit the Student Housing section on our FAQ page or email ecchousing@sutd.edu.sg.