The SUTD-MIT Postdoctoral Programme (SUTD-MIT PDP) offers unique research opportunities to highly talented individuals to engage in new or on-going research programmes at MIT and SUTD. These two-year appointments are competitive and are designed to advance MIT’s and SUTD's postdoctoral research environment in engineering, architecture, information systems, science, social sciences, and humanities, with an emphasis on technology and design. 

The goal of the programme is to provide research opportunities and career development for scholars whose research will enhance the diversity of the academic community in MIT and SUTD and contribute towards the technological advancement of the world. 

Programme Description

The SUTD-MIT Postdoctoral Programme aims to engage researchers in collaborative research so as to enhance the vibrant research environments within MIT and SUTD. The appointed postdoctoral fellow will:

  • conduct research in areas of importance to MIT and SUTD, 
  • contribute to the overall research efforts of both universities, 
  • advance knowledge in the areas of basic and applied research, 
  • develop course materials for SUTD’s PhD programme, 
  • serve as a teaching assistant for SUTD’s undergraduate programme, and 
  • strengthen international scientific and technical capabilities.

Achievements and demonstrated research capabilities of postdoctoral fellows will contribute immensely to the continuing scientific and technological success of both MIT and SUTD. It is our intention that the postdoctoral fellow’s tenure at MIT and SUTD be as productive and rewarding as possible.

Postdoctoral fellows may also be considered for tenure-track faculty appointments within SUTD.

This would be the last intake for postdoc applications under this programme, with their 2-year appointment ending in 2018. Interested applicants should submit their application by 29 April 2016.