Application Procedure

All applications must be supported by a faculty member from each institution. Please take note of the following:

  • At SUTD, you may directly contact full-time tenure track faculty, who have not previously hosted any postdocs under this programme, to support your application. You may find the full bios of SUTD faculty and filter by their research areas at this link.
  • At MIT, potential mentors must either have “professor” in their title or be a Senior or Principal Research Scientist/Engineer/Associate. MIT faculty can be found by browsing research groups at this link. If you do not have prior relationship with the MIT faculty members, you may write to program administrator, Mr Jesse Delaughter at MIT ( with your CV, overview of your proposed research and a list of 2-4 faculty you’d potentially like to work with at MIT. Jesse will reach out to potential faculty sponsors on your behalf, provided that this info is received at least two weeks prior to the application deadline.

A complete application including all materials and references should be submitted by the due date in a single .pdf file to:
        SUTD-MIT Postdoctoral Programme
Reference letters may come in separately from the application package (1-4). 

Your application must include:

  1. Application Form (Download pdf)
  2. Complete Curriculum Vitae including:
    1. Academic and professional experience
      • Include all institutions, degrees, positions held, and thesis/dissertation/post-doc advisors
    2. Publications (list in the following order):
      • Books
      • Refereed journal articles
      • Published proceedings
      • Non-refereed articles
      • Patents
    3. Citations should include:
      • Author
      • Year of publication
      • Title
      • Full name of journal
  3. Research Proposal
    1. Submit a research proposal that articulates original work that will be done in collaboration with the SUTD and MIT advisors. 
    2. You must communicate directly with the advisors at both SUTD and MIT regarding preparation of the research proposal. The advisors can provide more specific information on current research and available technical facilities, and offer support for proposal development. 
    3. Include the following so that the research proposal is sufficiently complete for review purposes:
      • Title of proposal
      • Brief abstract
      • Statement of problem
      • Background and relevance to previous work including literature citations as appropriate
      • General methodology and procedure
      • Explanation of new or unusual techniques
      • Expected results and their significance and application
      • Maximum length is 5 pages, including figures and citations
  4. Graduate Degree Transcripts
    • Official copies of graduate degree transcripts (Master's and PhD) must be sent directly from the granting institution to the address/email below. Transcripts sent by the applicant will not be accepted. 
    • Transcripts from foreign institutions must be accompanied by an official English translation. 
    • Transcripts must be received no later than the application deadline.

    A graduate degree transcript is an official report of the academic record of a student provided by the university. It may show the courses completed, credits/grades awarded, academic status, honours received and degree(s) conferred.If the institution does not provide graduate degree transcripts, the degree-granting institution(s) must provide a letter listing the courses completed and grades obtained. If coursework is not a requirement for the graduate degree, this should also be stated in the letter. This information should be sent in English directly from the granting institution(s) on its official letterhead. 
  5. References
    • 3 letters of reference required and must be received by the application deadline. These letters of reference should elaborate on the applicant’s work ethics, personality and academic values.

    • If you have received your doctoral degree within the last five years, one of the references must be from your thesis supervisor.
    • In addition, a written supporting letter from each potiential advisor at MIT and SUTD is required as part of your application. Each advisor should acknowledge in the letter that he/she has communicated directly with the candidate, either in person, by telephone, or by skype. Email exchanges alone are not sufficient.
    • You are required to participate in a 3-way dialogue to discuss the proposed research plan with both the SUTD and MIT advisors.

Post application package to:
        SUTD-MIT Postdoctoral Programme
        Singapore University of Technology and Design
        8 Somapah Road, #05-302
        Building 3, Level 5
        Singapore 487372

        Email Address: 

Application Period

Only one application may be submitted per application cycle. The deadline for the last call of applications would be 29th April 2016 where the commencement of postdoc may effect from November 2016. Incomplete applications will not be processed.