Y Ventures ISTD Business Analytics Excellence Award

The Y Ventures ISTD Business Analytics Excellence Award is established to motivate outstanding students who are pursuing the Business Analytics Focus Track offered by the Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) pillar.


Strong academic performance in the Business Analytics Focus Track courses and active classroom participation.

Benefits of award

A cash prize of $5,000.


The student with the best overall performance for the courses in the Business Analytics Focus Track will be given the award. The award recipient will be chosen by the ISTD Undergraduate Programme Committee.

Y Ventures Group is a Singapore-founded, data analytics driven e-commerce retailer and distributor with presence on various online marketplaces in different countries. The Group’s proprietary data analytics capabilities have successfully bridged inefficiencies within current distribution chains. Y Ventures utilise proprietary data analytics for the procurement, distribution, marketing and sale of products across different countries. Their merchandises are marketed and sold online on some of the world’s largest e-commerce marketplaces as well as omni-channel desktop / mobile retail. With data analytics capabilities and familiarity with the various online marketplaces, Y Ventures plan for optimal inventory levels, thereby maximising margins by analysing sales and consumer demand trends.

The Group helps their brand partners grow their online sales and brand awareness across multiple online marketplaces, handling the entire Ecommerce process while providing complete transparency and data insights.