Pedagogical Publications

Here is a list of pedagogical publications from SUTD. Do keep us posted of yours and we will be happy to share with the wider community.

2016 Publications


Foong, S. (2016). A Design-Centric Control Education with a Competitive Flavor. ASME-DSCD Newsletter.

Sockalingam, N. (2016). Technologies in Higher Education: The Predicted, the Predicaments and the Possibilities.

Sockalingam, N. (2016). Engaged teaching to enhance teaching and learning. Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 6(2), 122-128.

2016 Conferences
Some of our faculty and LSL members presented at the recent Edutech conference, in November 2016.

Dr. Dawn Koh, Lecturer, EPD, presenting in TeachTechTalks on Active Learning for Non-Major Biology Students in University. Dawn shared her case study of teaching Genetics in SUTD, using a MIT developed simulation that allows students to experiment and analyse fdata pertaining to genetics.

Dr. Nachamma Sockalingam, LSL, presenting  in the Tertiary Leaders Track on Integrating 21st Century Skills in Teaching and Learning. Nacha shared SUTD's unique academic straucture and pedagogy and proposed a broad set of guidelines to consider in integrating 21st Century skills in Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Sergey Kushnarev, Lecturer, ESD, presenting in the TeachTechTalks that "The human brain is not designed for maths, but it is made for language and stories". Sergey shared that storytelling creates more vivid, powerful and memorable images in a listener’s mind than does any other means of delivery of the same material and illustrated how  mathematics could be taught via storytelling,  to engage and motivate students.