There are various channels to get to know more about SUTD, our programmes, how students learn, and the campus life.  Apart from checking us out at your school’s education talks and fairs, there are also various outreach channels which will provide you with a more immersive experience of SUTD even before you make the call to join us as a student.                                                                     

SUTD Research Mentorship Programme

The programme aims to support the development of STEM education and research in tertiary institutions; to complement your experiential learning component with our friendly and knowledgable faculty, and to provide you an insight to how students in SUTD get to do research from day one.

You will work on a research topic of your interest under the guidance of a SUTD faculty member for a period of 2 to 6 months or longer (subject to your school’s academic calendar).  The research projects are based on real world problems and aimed at making societal impact.

Who Should Apply

This programme is suitable for students in JC 1/2 or IB Year 5/6 students in the science stream taking Mathematics and a Science subject at H2 level, and who possess a passion for research.  You should be able to commit to the project on a regular basis during term time, and additional hours during the school holidays.

Meet the Team Members

For more details on SUTD faculty, you can visit the following links:





How To Apply

Check with your school’s guidance counsellor if there is already a pre-existing arrangement with SUTD.  Alternatively, you may also write in to SUTD Admissions indicating your interest to be in the programme.

SUTD Campus Immersion Programme

Would you like to know more about the academic curriculum, projects that you may be involved in, student life at SUTD, or just simply to get to know a friend at SUTD? If so, meet one of our student ambassadors for a relaxing afternoon at our new campus, as he/she share highlights of student life in SUTD.

How to Sign Up

Our Student Ambassadors are available every Wednesday and Friday, 3 pm onwards (except for certain blackout periods) for the Campus Immersion Programme.  Do sign up at least 1 week before the requested date of meet-up so that we can check the availability of the ambassador.  We also encourage you to form a minimum group of 5 students for the session, so check with your friends if they would like to join you for this immersion!


SUTD Women in Technology Workshop

This is SUTD’s signature workshop held annually and aimed at inspiring prospective students with women in technology. 

Check this space for the date of the next workshop.

Other Workshops

We are also able to customise and organise different workshops for schools.  The workshops have varied themes, but are all designed to give students a hands-on experience at technology design.  They may be run by our faculty and/or student facilitators.  We also have our Fabrication Laboratory on wheels (FabLab Mobile) which can be equipped with various fabrication machineries and can be pulled on-site to support the workshops or activities.

Do approach SUTD Admissions team on how we can run such workshops for your school.